The bizarre side of the world of online slot games

You won’t have to venture far to discover new slot games in 2015, as developers have been pushing the creative boundaries of what the platform is capable of. Through such efforts online casino gaming has gone fully mainstream, with it now considered to be a leading form of digital based entertainment. While the success of the industry is pretty obvious, the collective turnover of $30 billion per year symbolises that, not everything that emerges from the minds of online casino game developers is a hit. In fact, if you look at an online casino you will see that some slot games that borderline on the truly bizarre. Stepping out of the mainstream and into the realm of the alternative, the following are a selection of slot games that are certainly “unique” in premise.

Machine Gun Unicorn

Emerging from noted developer Genesis Gaming, Machine Gun Unicorn is a game that certainly presented more questions than answers upon release. The games’ theme is ponies that are wielding weapons in an attempt to defend themselves against an impending zombie attack. If you think that sounds bizarre, just wait until you get to experience this 5-reel, 10-payline title first hand. While this game is certainly odd, it shouldn’t be discounted off hand. Through bright colours, clever gameplay, two-way functionality, an array of wilds, and an intriguing bomb feature, this slot game has won over critics. Wacky but altogether wonderful, Machine Gun Unicorn as a game symbolises the alternative side of the online slots world.


Loading up on the “cutie” factor, Chibeasties trades the machetes for magic. Coming from up and coming name Yggdrasil Gaming, Chibeasties is a game that opts for sizzle over substance in many regards. Sacrificing story for an in your face game design, this is a game that does all in its power to deliver large and bountiful payouts to players. There is relativity little learning curve when it comes to Chibeasties, with it very much being a case of what you see is what you get. While by no means genre defining and very much “out there” in terms of premise, there are certainly worse ways to spend an afternoon than playing this fun little slots title.


It seems that vintage and retro is very much in at the moment, with the 1980s in particular being revived in every realm from film to fashion. Making sure that the online casino industry gets in on the neon-doused action, Thunderkick have created classic arcade game inspired Arcader. When you play this game you expect to find a fully functional 5-reel, 15-payline title that features a design based upon pixelated imagery. Even the symbols carry a true 1980s vibe, as it utilises the classic Bell, Bar, Seven, and Lemon icons. Featuring plenty of free spin and multiplier bonuses, while it may not fit in with the normal releases of the time, it certainly isn’t a game that is short on fun that’s for sure.

Bizarrely Brilliant

In 2015 it is clear that developers have more time to dedicate to creating games that don’t slot into any particular genre or category. Through this means the world has seen the rise of titles that are more “alternative” than anything else. Presenting something that more often than not borderlines on the bizarre, these games are well worth checking out. Next time you want to play something different do your best to locate the three aforementioned games on your favourite online casino portal. have published over 40 reviews of online casinos, making it a perfect place to start when looking for a new casino. Browse through the reviews in order to find out which providers a casino uses, and then pick one out that offers all these games and get ready for a really bizarre gaming experience!

Rizk Casino revels in the spoils of youth

Stepping into the world of online casino gaming can be daunting no matter whether you are a player operator or developer. It can often be a nervous time for the latter to parties’ specifically. Wary of the hype of being a brand-new name, Rizk Casino has entered the fray, with designs on earning a quick reputation for quality. Recently labeled the “next big thing” by one of the world’s leading online casino portals, it seems that a lot is expected of this GiG based operator. Launched a few weeks back, more and more players are trying this brand new entity on for size. Given the hype there are certainly questions surrounding Rizk Casino right now, but there is also no denying that this online casino is reveling in the spoils of youth.

Making the Grade

Fresh, new, and pretty exciting by the looks of things, Rizk Casino has wasted no time in garnering the attention of players around the globe. In fact its attention grabbing nature has seen Rizk Casino receive the honour of being added to MrCasinon’s prominent “Recommended Provider” list. Something that most online casinos strive for years to achieve, Rizk Casino has managed to do in just a matter of weeks, which really does tell a story in its own right. What Rizk Casino offers than many other brands sadly don’t, is an all-round online casino experience, one that certainly doesn’t cut any corners. From the solid foundation of games to chocker-full promotions calendar, Rizk Casino is online casino gaming how it should be, fresh, direct, and fun.

A Balancing Act

Speak to anyone who has tried running their own online casino and they will be quick to tell you just how difficult it can be to find the perfect balance as far as game choice is concerned. There are simply 1000s upon 1000s of online casino games that an online casino can choose to showcase, which can sometimes make the curation process a challenge. Rizk Casino has sidestepped this issue in the most amazing way possible, as they have done away with the curation process and simply grabbed all the games that they can get their hands on. It is certainly is a different approach, but one that is paying dividends. Those who are members at Rizk Casino have games from the likes of NetEnt, Play’n GO, NYX, Quickspin, ThunderKick, Microgaming, and NextGen waiting for them whenever they login.

Captain Rizk to the Rescue!

As far a theme goes, Rizk Casino has tapped into the popular trend of the moment. Comics and superheroes are certainly the “in” thing, which explains the appearance of Captain Rizk. He many not be Superman or Batman, he isn’t even Bananaman for that matter, but he does deliver on the promise of fun. Through Captain Rizk, players are handed countless offers and an intriguing UI to get to grips with. A feature within every aspect of the online casino, everyone is aware of Captain Rizk no matter where they choose to play on-site. Going alongside the superhero theme is a “No B*******!” tagline, as Rizk Casino promises to be an easy to use, no-nonsense online casino provider.

Welcome to Rizk Casino

It’s new, it’s different, and it’s fresh, through a 200% matched first deposit bonus, players are getting something truly special when they play at Rizk Casino. Through a dedicated approach to development and distribution, what Rizk Casino is bringing to the masses is a youthful approach and one that millions of players are sure to bask in.

BuzzSlots is an online casino brand that brings the action

Slots focused and basic in approach, BuzzSlots is a NetEnt online casino that is creeping up the ladder as far as industry popularity is concerned. Through what some have deemed to be a stripped backed slots experience, BuzzSlots is making all the right moves. Opened as sister site of BuzzPoker, BuzzSlots is registered and licensed in Malta, but now has reach that spreads to all four corners of Europe. Considering that BuzzSlots is an online casino on the rise, more and more players are handing it the attention it deserves – Popular swedish gaming guide recently listed BuzzSlots as one of the best new casinos on the market, for example. Bringing the action better than the competition, BuzzSlots is an online casino that is one to watch as 2016 begins to heat up.

Making up Ground

When BuzzSlots debuted back in 2014 it certainly didn’t make much of an impact. Sliding in under the radar, it seems that players didn’t think much of its basic design and approach. However, as time has progressed it looks like this casino has managed to make up valuable ground on the completion. Players are now seeing the benefit in playing at an online casino provider that opts for “basic is better”. The current incarnation of the website is as simple and clear as it can be. Broken down against a clean backdrop are 3 categories in ‘Slots’, ‘More Games’, and ‘Free Spins’, while below that is a selection of the latest releases that allow for easy access. Clean, crisp, and to the point, the basic nature of the layout helps make this online casino what it is.

Under the Bonnet

The basic design of the website can actually be a little deceiving, as what lies under the bonnet is a fairly serious matter. Packing a serious punch when it comes to game offering, it is clear that BuzzSlots has the full, un-restricted backing of NetEnt. This alone has allowed members to have complete access to several local jackpot games in the form of Mega Joker, Super Lucky Frog, and Geisha Wonders. If the backing of NetEnt wasn’t enough developers such as Betsoft, Play’n GO, also contribute, bringing the total game number to more than 150. It isn’t the biggest online slot game selection in the world, but it definitely is one of the most complete. In an additional twist, it seems that BuzzSlots also have a notable Live Casino offering, with mobile-based play looking to be on the way in the latter half of 2016.

Secure Presence

Another big upside of BuzzSlots is the trustworthiness of the online casino. How it has managed to become a shining light in such regard has to do with how on-site security is addressed. Putting 128-bit Go Daddy SSL encryption in place, every inch of the website is seemingly locked down. For most new online casinos building up a trustworthy nature is usually a lengthy process, but BuzzSlots seemed to have managed to do it in double time. While BuzzSlots passes every test when it comes to security is does fall a tad short when it comes to customer service. Limited to just a web form, it seems that customer communication leaves a lot to be desired.

Slots Superstardom

If online slots are you guilty pleasure, then you are going to want to hot step it to BuzzSlots. Through a brilliantly basic web design and a slot selection that puts even the biggest industry names to the test, this new operator could very well be the dark horse online casino name of 2016.