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New Zealand’s Taxi Fares Are the World’s Highest

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A study conducted by a New Zealand based company known as Digital Hothouse concluded that New Zealand holds the current record for the highest taxi fares.

About the Study

The study was conducted by calling taxi companies at various countriesaround the world and comparing rates forcomparabledistances. These countries included England, Australia, Russia, Spain and the United States.

New Zealand’s rates were determined to be $4.50 for every kilometre for airport fares. This was compared against airport fares in Australian cities such as Melbourne, Perth and Sydney as well as fares for taxi rides to the Heathrow Airport in London. That latter one actually came in second, just over New Zealand’s rate. A ride from the city of London to the airport cost $105.

The study made use of Google maps to determine distances and figure out rates based on distance. They did not include some of the airport fees that are often included in taxi fares in some countries and by some taxi companies. These could affect the cost of the fare, but they were considered to be negligible for the overall purposes of the study.

Why Are the Rates So High?

The reason for these fares is due to a number of factors. Part of it is because Auckland is such a congested city. It takes a long time to get anywhere andtaxi drivers have to be quite skilled to get aheadof the traffic. There is also no other real choice for people who have no cars of their own. It’s either the taxis or walking for most of them.

There is no great difference in service between newZealand taxis and anywhere else. It is not like they are vacuumed more often or that their service is friendlier. Their cars are likely cleaned using vacuum cleaners as often as most other taxis- at the end of the day. But there is another big factor that is causing the prices to soar.

images1Now fares were expected to lower when the industry was deregulated a few decades ago, but it has had the opposite effect. Fares have gone up because all the companies know that customers will pay those fares. No one wants to lose out on fare prices when they know they can get more out of their customers.

So with everyone vying to make the most money, no company is cutting the customers a break, and people are becoming upset about the exorbitant fares. No one is willing to take the first step to lower their prices, because they know that everyone else will follow suit. Then they will all be back in the same position that they were before, but they would be making less money.


It Companies in New Zealand Seeking Skilled Workers

Technology businesses are booming in New Zealand. But as these startup businesses take off and try to reach as many customers as possible, they are running into a distinct problem- a lack of qualified employees.

The problem with these specialty businesses is that they require specialized skills to work at. And even though the country has a great higher education saturation among its population, the businesses are appearing and growing faster than they can find employees to fill their positions.

What this does then is hold the businesses back from expanding like they would want to. Instead of growing their businesses at the pace they are hoping for, they have to wait until they have the employees required to accommodate that growth.

These are high-profit companies as well. They often have few costs after they pay for the initial startup. This means their high level employees are enjoying rides in chauffeured cars most days. The businesses are doing well enough that they can afford to keep riding in chauffeured cars for a while, since the Internet bubble likely won’t burst again in the way it did some years back.

images1But the skilled employees are just not there for these New Zealand companies. They are having to, in many cases, look outside the country for skilled workers, drawing from Australia, Italy and England. Many people are immigrating to the country to find high-paying stable IT jobs.

As the populace realizes how vital these jobs are and how they will likely be around for a long time, more and more of them will probably turn to becoming educated for them. Since this is a trend that has only really taken root in New Zealand over the past decade or so, it may take a while for young college age prospects to start looking into aligning their education to the job market.


New Zealand’s Food Research Project Looks to Benefit Businesses

The New Zealand government is looking into measures to improve the value of the foods its country produces. This value is to be measured in the quality of and amount of nutrients and health benefits as well as the feasibility of growing these foods.

Numerous new fruits, vegetables and other natural foods are being researched as part of New Zealand’s Business Growth research project. The efforts are intended to not just create healthier foods for people to consume, but also to boost agriculture and business in the nation.

And these research efforts are not being conducted alone. The project is part of a joint venture with Singapore. That nation’s own Agency for Science, Technology and Research is pouring funding and supplying researchers to help improve its own food productions and growing efforts.

One of the major goals of this project is to create healthier foods for the New Zealand’sresidentsand for the people that the country trades with. As fast food establishments and sugary drinks become ever more popular, the government is looking at ways it can help its citizens achieve better health through cheap foods that are easy to access. So it is pouring $1.75 million into research for alternative food options.

images1The products created under the project are expected to greatly boost the NewZealand economy. The government is expecting that its researchers will create foods that are valued around the world, improving the country’s status as an international trade partner.
The project is meant to improve business for a number of industries. Tree services will benefit most readily as they will be needed to clear land. The tree service professionals would be called in to get rid of unwanted trees and to make room for new plants to grow.

The project would, of course, benefit many farmers and those in the agricultural industry. They would be able to bring new and more valuable crops to market and distribute them around the world.


Some Business Opportunities in New Zealand

There are a number of different business formations a company can take. Whether you own the business on your own, share operating and ownership duties or exist as a conglomeration, New Zealand offers a variety of benefits for each one.

Sole Trader

As a sole trader, you plan to go it alone. You may not want to keep this as the business model forever, but it can be a good place to start, especially if you want to retain full ownership. In most cases of sole ownership, the business owner begins the business alone and requires no legal action to establish the business. The responsibilities of all fees, bills and duties fall solely to the owner.
This is where the majority of business owners start in New Zealand. It takes the least amount of startup money to begin and requires the fewest people to get the business going.


The Partnership

Thisis another common starting point for many businesses. Like most things in life, it is easier if you have some help. With a partner in the business, you can share responsibilities, costs and duties. The liabilities fallon both of your shoulders as does the ownership of the business. Those who enter into a partnership are advised to create a legal contract denoting what should happen to the business and its assets in the case of a partnership breakup.

Partnerships are popular ways to begin businesses because of the shared effort involved. It is much like trying to lose weight- it is difficult to do on your own, but when you have some help, say in the form of a weight loss supplement like Garcinia, it becomes much easier. Garcinia can give you the boost you need to lose the weight you want.

Similarly, a business partner can provide the extra talent and manpower necessary to make a business successful. Running a business alone is difficult work, and many people appreciate any help they can get.


Anything larger than a partnership in New Zealand pretty much becomes a company automatically. These can be publicly traded or they can exist on their own, privately.


Companies come with government protections and benefits that private single traders and partnership do not have. The government protects the companies from total collapse in some instances and makes it easier for businesses to thrive.

A limited liability company is one that exists outside the purview of stockholders and the public. It is privately owned and is actually very popular within New Zealand.


New Zealand Dairy Farmers Progress with the Help of Technology

Back when the King family began dairyfarming in New Zealand, their toolset was nothing greater than their own hands, a milking bucket and seat to rest on. The tools of the trade have changed greatly over the decades, with many dairy farmers being pressured to use eco-friendly methods for their industry. And many of those involved in dairy farming feel that technological progress can only make their job more productive.

A New Milking System

The King family is now part of a larger corporation- Scott Milktech. Their robotic milking system is the first of its kind and it can be made towork with the dairy milking systems that are already in place. The system uses a robotic cup attachment and works with a camera that helps the operators guide the cups to the right location. The cups attach to the cows’ teats, and average an attach time of about 12 seconds


This system will eventually replace the need or humans to operate the milking system at all. This means cheaper labour costs for farmers and the ability to operate their entire milking operation nearly on their own, allowing them to retain full control.

The system is in the testing stage, at the moment. The first prototypes are expected to come out some time in 2015.

Additional Tech

This comes on the heels of a number of other advances that have pushed the industry forward into better productivity and profitability. Some of these advances include solar power for many of the farm’s systems. This solar energy system allows farms to work independent of the grid and provide power for themselves. Solar energy and robotic milking systems are just more ways the dairy farmers of today are retaining their independence in New Zealand.

The King family and the Milktech company use a number of advanced techniques that put them at the forefront of the milking industry. Their proprietary sensor arrays allow them to determine the content of the milk they are producing. Their tech also allows them to tell when a cow is finished milking and how much milk it produced. This permits the company to track the productivity of each cow and perhaps determine if they need medical treatment.

The advances extend to transportation as well, since many of the company vehicles are being fitted with GPS systems. This lets them track their milk and ensure it is delivered on time to the right location. It reduces driver error and increases productivity, which is really the main driving force behind these technological advances.

While other countries have been using some of this technology for years now, New Zealand has seen a steady increase in advanced milking techniques and apparatus over the past few years. It’s a promising sign for a flourishing industry.



The Online Business Directory That Is Taking New Zealand by Storm


Businesses in New Zealand have been taking advantage of an online directory to get the word out about their companies. For years before the creation of the Gopher online business directory back in 2007, the industry was considered to be dead in the water. Major companies had tried their hand at it in New Zealand without much success and were calling it quits.

So it surprised a number of people when Gopher managed to take this floundering industry and turn it into a tent pole for the fastest growing technology business in the country.

Gryphon Garage Doors

Gryphon Garage Doors

Now thousands of businesses use Gopher to connect to their customers through the online marketplace. Many of these companies had no idea how to bring their services and products online, but the directory is helping them do that in a relatively simple way. The directory divides its businesses by location and service. For example, customers can search for plumbers in Wellington, and the directory will give the user the results based on the information provided by the businesses. It an elegant way to make search results relevant and enable customers to find the business and services they are looking for.

The Gopher company is expanding its reach into new countries, with Singapore already part of their company’s expansion and Thailand coming in the near future.

The company has been so successful, that its owners are likely enjoying some shiny new cars behind their garage doors, not to mentions some shiny new garage doors. But it’s been a boon to the businesses in New Zealand as well. Many of them floundered in obscurity before they were able to take their business online, thanks to the directory. Others have had less than spectacular results using the directory. But with thousands of businesses taking advantage of the search-ability and visibility of the directory, it’s a venture that is paying off for most of them.